mardi 21 juillet 2009

A nice, modern and well designed house

Oddly enough, this modern mountain house was designed by Brazil’s Morato Arquitetura.

This contemporary mountain home employs time-honored methods and local materials with traditional, manual construction, and uses strong Portuguese colonial architecture influences.
Built on three levels, the unique layout allows for a graceful yet functional use of the steeply sloping site. But you can’t complain about this particular site – ideally situated on a hilltop in Minas Gerais, Brazil, embraced by a vast valley and majestic mountain range, the house is too influenced by its surroundings.

“The place chosen for the house was determined by the generous native landscape in the surroundings,” says architect Ulisses Morato – the man behind this amazing house design.
“In this context, space definition privileged the possibilities of relationship of house users with the exuberant natural landscape. As for the relation of house-nature, we decided for the contrast, i.e. the radicalization of a geometric and rational design in opposition to natural organic shapes.

Not so far from the five main points designed by Le Corbusier to make Modern Architecture and nice colors for more fun.
1) the pilotis elevating the mass off the ground, (2) the free plan, achieved through the separation of the load-bearing columns from the walls subdividing the space, (3) the free facade, the corollary of the free plan in the vertical plane, (4) the long horizontal sliding window and finally (5) the roof garden, restoring, supposedly, the area of ground covered by the house.

Therefore, the ‘natural order’ and ‘cultural order’ are mutually distinguished and valued.” This modern mountain home was awarded the 10th Architecture Award promoted by IAB-MG (Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil – Minas Gerais) 2008, in the single houses category. Morato Arquitetura.

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