mercredi 13 mai 2009

Coffee design table

Today, I’d like to submit the pictures attached. I hope you will find this table… nice…!!!

It is one of Frederic RHODES's creations. He is an architect, working in Toulouse (France).

This “all around the world” table is made of glass, steel and wood.
It sizes 1.00x1.00x0.50m.

It is a coffee table that represents the meeting of people and objects. Seated around, people and friends meet and exchange ideas.
The right feet, which drawings are reminders of the World Trade Center represent the Occident, while the other feet are symbols of a Japanese temple front-doors. They are the East.
These two worlds meet by commercial and industrial exchanges which are represented by the steel metallic structure.
The glass links them up spiritually in all directions.

The “all around the world” table will be launched in a few weeks, sold by a new furniture design company: ARCHEDIS.
Only a hundred units will be available.

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